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Bill Gates' Life and Success

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Bill Gates---Jason

       I chose Bill Gates because he is my role model. He inspires me because he is a very successful business man. Also, he is a great leader for his Microsoft Company, and he is very generous. Gates is not selfish; he cares about other people who need help because they have diseases and they are very poor. This paper will explain his life, economic life, and his great leadership.

      Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955. He was born into a family with a rich history  of business, politics, and community service. Gates’ great-grandfather was the state legislator and mayor, and Gates’ grandfather was the vice-president for the national bank. William H. Gates, Bill Gates’ father, was the prominent, Seattle defensive lawyer. Mary Maxwell Gates, Bill Gates’ mother, was the school teacher and the chairperson for the United Way Charity. 

      During his elementary school life, he surpassed all of his classmates, especially in Science and Math. As soon as his parents noticed his intelligence, they enrolled Gates to Lakeside School, private school. This school was known for its intense academic environment. Also this school first introduced Gates to the computers. Bill Gates said, “When I was thirteen, my school (Lakeside School) installed a teletype machine that connected in downtown Seattle. From that point on, my friends and I spent most of our free time writing programs and figuring out how to make the computer do interesting things.”

      Later, Gates was accepted to Harvard University. On January 1, 1994, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates married. Currently, they have three children: Jennifer Katherine Gates (born in 1996), Rory John Gates (born in 1999), and Phoebe Adelle Gates (born in 2002). In Harvard, he met Paul Allen, who became Gates’ close friend. They got obsessed with the computers that they were late to some of their classes. They even skipped some classes to be in the computer lab. Unfortunately, their computer time finished after spring. However, they didn’t graduate in Harvard. 

      Allen and Gates had to leave to devote their energy full-time to Microsoft which later became a very successful and thriving company. They had a belief that the personal computer would be a valuable too on every office desktop in every home. Gates and Allen began developing software for personal computers. They collaborated together to make the language BASIC on the first microcomputer, and on 1975, they started the Microsoft Company. 

      Currently, Bill Gates is the chairperson of Microsoft Company which was made in 1975 with Paul Allen. The reason why they made this company is that they wanted to develop software for personal computers. Because of this company, he is a very wealthy man. He earns about thirty billion dollars annually. He continuously works hard to make his Microsoft company better and convenient for the people, not only just Americans, but the whole world. He made the new computer operating system called “Wow.” Obviously, this system is very successful like all of his other works.

      You might think that Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. The reason is that he has given out some of his money to charity and people with diseases (such as AIDS) around the world. First, Melinda and Bill tried to find what could have been the biggest impact and they thought of the health issue. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates formed a charity company called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 1994. This organization helps to cure diseases like AIDS and malaria. This focuses most its efforts on long-term global. According to the Washington Post, Bill Gates is the most giving person in the world. I think that other rich people should donate their money to charity more. 

      Although I will never be rich as Bill Gates, I wish I could help everyone around the world who is need. Doing things for others, instead of only being concerned about yourself makes a good leader. When he was interviewed by a reporter named George Stephanopoulos, Bill said, “Well, I don't care whether I'm remembered. I do think that empowering people with the Internet and PCs is my lifetime's work. That's my job; I'm thrilled about that and the new things we can do there. It's also neat in terms of giving all this money back, to take my position where I've been, maybe, the luckiest person and help the people who have been unlucky to have better lives. I feel very fortunate to have found that and [to] be able to get engaged and hopefully energize that field as well.” This answer electrified me and all I said was, “Wow.” Bill Gates doesn’t care if he is the richest man alive or famous, all he did was try to help others and he became very successful. He thought of ways of developing software for personal computers (concerning about others). After all of the hard working of making computers, he still finds ways to earn money to help the people who are in need. Bill Gates is the person who I think is the best leader and I will always think that way.

Bill Gates

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